Why Use SoMat Data Analysis and Testing Software

Whether collecting data in a lab or out in the field, it is always a good idea to be able to confirm its validity before conducting further analysis or testing. SoMat’s InField and Test Control Environment software solutions do just that—and each solution is optimized for use with SoMat hardware.

SoMat InField

SoMat InField

SoMat InField is a versatile field analysis software program optimized for use with SoMat hardware. It is designed to enhance the field test collection and data visualization process by making sure you never leave the field without the numbers you need.

What makes SoMat InField data analysis software different from other data analysis software?

Using InField you can:
  • Enjoy ease of use
  • Experience fast data visualization
  • Perform powerful analysis
  • Use extensive plotting and graphing displays
  • Make report generation easy
  • Ensure good field data prior to leaving the test site
  • Gain extended functionality with expansion modules
  • Have the ability to employ advanced channel sorting
  • Export your data in multiple file formats

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SoMat Test Control Environment

SoMat Test Control Environment

SoMat Test Control Environment (TCE) is the test control and setup software that is supplied with every eDAQ and eDAQ-lite data acquisition system.

What makes SoMat TCE software different from other test control and setup software?

Using TCE you can:
  • Create test setup files that define and calibrate transducer channels
  • Define DataModes™ and computed channels for online data calculations and analysis
  • Perform and manage calibrations for input transducers
  • Specify triggering conditions for the collection of test data
  • Initialize, run and end test a single eDAQ or a network of eDAQs
  • Configure the option to remotely control test runs
  • View real-time test data with integrated run-time displays
  • Check test and memory status during data acquisition
  • Initialize, start, stop restart and end tests
  • Upload test data from the eDAQ to the support PC for analysis and post-processing

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